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========================================================================== This webpage is all handwritten from scratch, word by word, without the aid of any "Web Authoring" software. I try to keep it up to date, and work on improving it when time permits. This Originally began as just a project when I bought a couple of "Web Page Writing" books from a bookstore, just to see if I could learn to write my own Webpage - since it's really just programming in a computer language called "HTML". I actually stopped programming back in 1991 when I slowly began to grasp the potentials and possibilities of the "Hardware" side of computers - Building, Repairing, Upgrading, Interfacing, Tweaking, and Hacking, so software sorta took a back seat until just recently when I discovered what a "Webpage" was really made of. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ INTERNET USERS BEWARE In addition, for those who are not aware, if your computer is running any form of Windows (i.e. 3.1, 95, 98, etc.) using a graphical communications interface while you are using the Internet (Netscape, Explorer, etc..) then your computer is "HACKABLE" while you are online. Your entire computer including files and even specific hardware (expecially those with modifiable bioses as such) can be compromise and even rendered "DOA" or "NON-FUNCTIONAL".... I know this because my systems - both Win 3.1 and Win 95 have been hacked repeatedly and some hardware rendered "DOA" and "NON-FUNCTIONAL".... For those interested in evidence related to this that has be published online, please email me.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome To Etop Udoh's Homepage

Welcome To My Programming Project.